August 2013

Expansive Opportunities

Worms Clan Wars: Global Domination

Imagine being part of a brave platoon of worms in the fight for global domination. That’s pretty much the idea behind the latest entry in the popular Worms video-games series. Worms Clan Wars makes it possible for players to form a clan and take on the world. Initially, there are…


Football Manager Comes To Linux

The latest installment of the definitive management sim Football Manager not only comes with the usual slew of tweaks and enhancements (1000 in total) but also comes to a new platform with a Linux version to be released for the first time. If that wasn’t enough budding managers will be…

Expansive Overview

Splinter Cell Blacklist: Overview

Narratively, Blacklist is a very confused game. Lost somewhere before Conviction and everything that’s sure to come. The narrative ties to previous games are muddied and convoluted. Sam appears younger and the situation Sam and his team find themselves in seems out of context. However, as a separate entity from…

Expansive Overview

Saints Row 4: Overview

When you start out as a spoof of a popular intellectual property, its best to know when to let it go. Take a look at the Scary Movie films for instance. They stopped being funny after (and even during) the first. Its pretty clear to any man, woman and child…


Duck Tales Competition

Ever dreamt of swimming in a sea of gold coins? Pffft, think bigger. Scrooge McDuck has got himself an ocean. The richest Duck you’ll ever meet, the old measly miser is a Disney legend and served in his own animated TV series many moons ago with his nephews, Huey, Dewey…

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