April 6, 2014

App Store

Shift Jump – As We Play

Format – iOS (iPhone) Judging from the AppStore screenshots, this looks like it’s going to be an Impossible Game/Super Hexagon style game. Genital-twisting difficulty but satisfying as hell to nail just right. Hopefully with a kickass soundtrack on top of it all. I’m hoping that prediction pays off because I…


Expansive at Rezzed Part One

Can we Axe you a Question? Smiley Dave is back in front of the camera, this time at the Indie Games Industry extravaganza, Rezzed.  There, he got to speak to many high-profile Indie developers about their upcoming games, including the likes of Spilt Milk Studios, Hypersloth Games and Dlala Studios….


King Oddball PS4 – As We Play

As we play offers the thought strands of the reviewer as they’re going through the game. This offers unique content for the reader so they can come to understand the conflicting feelings of the reviewer as they’re playing a game for the very first time. All feedback on this concept is welcome. “What a…

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