April 25, 2014


Kickers Corner – Hextraction

At ExpansiveDLC, we would like to introduce Hextraction to your possible gaming future. Conceived at a 48 hour global game jam, this game has already caused quite a stir before it hit Kickstater. Have a watch, a read and a look below, then when your appetite is wetted, the Kickstarter…

As We Play

Dark Souls 2 PC – As We Play

Version Tested: 1.00Format: PC It’s no secret that I’m a huge Dark Souls fan and the opportunity to dive back into Dark Souls 2 afresh on the highly anticipated PC version sent my blood pressure into a frenzy…which in hindsight is something I should probably discuss with my doctor.   Getting past…

As We Play

Trials Fusion – As We Play

Version Tested: 1.8 Format: Playstation 4 Booting up Trials Fusion, the game boldly proclaims ‘Welcome to the Future’. And while I wouldn’t necessarily say that Trials Fusion is the future of anything, I can say that it’s a fantastic compilation of everything that has already worked very well up to…

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