October 2014


DeadCore is out now!

You know what we don’t have enough of? That’s right, platforming first person shooters set in mysterious futuristic worlds. That my friend, is where 5 bits Games interesting new exploratory puzzle-em-up DeadCore comes in; said to combine exploration, puzzles and speedrun tactics this could be the game we have all…


Deep Dungeons of Doom Lands on Steam Today

Bossa Studios, the people who brought you the epic Surgeon Simulator 2013, have today announced the release of Deep Dungeons of Doom,  on Steam. Deep Dungeons of Doom is a groovy 8-bit rogue-like dungeon crawler described in the official propaganda as “deceptively simple to play yet devilishly difficult to master”….

As We Play

Styx: Master of Shadows – As We Play

Format – PC Version – 1.01 I have an odd relationship with stealth games. Initially misunderstanding them, then falling victim to a number of shitty ones, I’ve only recently begun to appreciate the subtle joy of the stealth kill. Where I would usually blunder in, relying on my combat skill…

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