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Massive Battlefield 4 PS4 patch drops

A stonking PS4 patch for Battlefield 4 has dropped and aims to remove the huge amount of client crashes the game has been experiencing. We’ve already reported that DICE are putting all of their resources into fixing Battlefield 4. Clearly, they’re doing exactly that, as even though this major patch…


Xbox One System Update goes live

An Xbox One System Update went live yesterday and can automatically download if your console is in a low power state. It will also automatically download, even if you’re not at home and the console is in stand-by. Pretty handy (if you don’t mind leaving the plugs on when you’re…


Killzone Shadow Fall 1.06 drops

Another new update for Killzone: Shadow Fall has dropped today. Coming in at a respectable 83mb, the update briefly indicates that it fixes in-game stability. Assumedly, this is for both the single and multiplayer portions of Shadowfall (as both aspects of the game have been a bit shaky at best)…


Putty Squad PS4 gets first update

Putty Squad, the ultimate 80’s throwback on PS4, has received its first update since launching on the platform. The update is relatively basic but adds some key changes. The list goes… Added global leaderboards for Marathon mode Various movie and graphical improvements Many gameplay improvements Fixed various bugs The game…


Contrast PS4 patch now available

A stability patch for PS Plus freebie, Contrast, is now available to download on PS4. The game suffered from many stutters and crashes, but this patch aims to fix all of that and for the better. This patch is still awaiting clearance in the North America territories. The PS3 version…


A Night at the VGX Awards 2013

A Night at the VGX Awards 2013 So, Sunday December 7th saw the return of the illustrious VGX game awards. The three hour long show started at 6pm ET, translating at 11pm UK time. I settled down with a lovely cup of hot chocolate and with some big expectations, tuned…


Tales from the Borderlands coming in 2014

Well, this is unexpected. A collaboration between Telltale Games and Gearbox to bring interactive stories from the Borderlands in 2014. Tales from the Borderlands is set in Pandora. Randy Pitchford said that, rather than fit in with one of their storylines, they gave Telltale keys to the kingdom. Telltale will…

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