FIFA Ultimate Team Gets World Cup Fever

May 29th is an exciting day for fans of the beautiful game across the globe. News has reached us that EA are set to release a FIFA Ultimate Team: World Cup mode for FIFA 14 and it is absolutely free on PS3 PS4, Xbox 360 Xbox One and PC. You’ll get the full knock-out stages of the tournament, both in offline and online modes, including all 32 competing nations. There’s also a reworking of the chemistry system that allows you to not only perfect chemistry by nation, but by confederation too. Doesn’t that sounds spiffing? If you’d like to know more I’m sure this promotional YouTube video will answer all of your questions:

Didn’t answer all of your questions? How about this PR blurb from EA themselves?

You’ll feel the FIFA World Cup atmosphere with new presentation imagery and special FUT Items. These new items are special to the mode and can’t be used outside of the FUT World Cup mode. This means you can’t bring your existing FUT squads into the new mode. Players from the World Cup experience are unique, untradeable, and can only be found in FUT World Cup packs. As a bonus, every FUT World Cup pack you open comes with a gold pack that you can use for your squad in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team!

To get into the World Cup excitement, start building your FIFA Ultimate Team in the World Cup mode and lead your squad to World Cup glory!

As a wee bonus for you lucky boys and girls, there will also be a free normal FUT gold pack in every World Cup pack you open; so you can keep building your regular team as you quest to be world champions. There’s a whole FAQ thingumy on the EA website right here for full details.

If you haven’t already snapped up EA’s own 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, do you still think it’s worth the dosh or will you stick with Ultimate Teams? Maybe our As We Play will help you decide…

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