Hardware Review – Logitech G430 (Video inc.)

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Look and Feel

The headset itself feels very comfortable due to the fine meshed cushioning, you barely feel any pressure as they are stuck to the sides of your head; they are also very light and shan’t be causing any excessive strain on your neck either.  There is a large amount of fabric protected cable which can easily reach soundcards at the back of your machine if you don’t have the handy sockets at the front, the cable is reinforced with a hard plastic at all the joints, this will come in handy due to accidental yanking if you get up and walk away from the PC for a quick bio break.

They look good also though I’m not a fan of light blue, but that is my own personal preference and other than that they look good with the blacks and silver.

How do they sound?

They sound fantastic! They really do as I launched No More Room in Hell I was instantly met with the horrific groans and hums whilst running around a small shopping centre.  Running past lights I picked out the electric drones from the fluorescent tubes and distant pings from computers in the stores; not to mention gunfire and lurching zombies attacking my team mates behind.

The mic is it any good?

I wish my other set had the abilities what the G430 has due to our busy home, raids have been wiped due to commands that have been missed due to a couple of bickering children.  I had my daughter talk beside me, whilst I logged onto TeamSpeak I angled the mic towards me and she wasn’t picked up by my friends (I asked), I moved the mic in small amounts until they could hear her and it was almost straight before her yakking became noticeable; also the mic can easily be moved up if you’re not in the mood for speaking.  So the mic my friends is very good.

Any Issues?

Two really, the first is a minor one the second not so.  First one you need to download the software to run them, the address is in the instruction manual but as with most of the world gamers I tend not to read that first.  The second is a bit bigger, using the USB adaptor I couldn’t for the life of me get the headset to work properly.  I could hear the test surround sound from the Logitech software, but not the gaming noises or music.  I tried to uninstall the software, but this didn’t solve it; using the standard jack plugs however I experienced no issues.

To finish

At £69.99 this is a bit of a bargain if you don’t fancy shelling out for some of the more fashionable brands out there.  Give them a go, I think you’ll rather enjoy them.


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