May DLC Release Schedule

May has some major releases to offer us, including GRID 2, Metro: Last Light and Resident Evil: Revelations, and all of those games will offer players some form of additional content. However, the big focus this month goes on Borderlands 2. Not only will Krieg, the fifth Melee Vault Hunter make an appearance, the final part of the Season Pass DLC is scheduled to appear.

Also, Wii U Owners will get the last part of The Tyranny of King Washington and PS3/PC owners finally get to experience the Uprising Maps on Black Ops 2.

Check out the May release schedule right here…


Release Date Game DLC Format Price
May 3rd Worms Revolution Collection DLC Packs PC/PS3/X360 £20.00
May 3rd Soul Sacrifice Pre-order DLC Vita Pre-order incentive
May 7th Skullgirls DLC Colors for characters PC $1
May 7th Skullgirls Content Update Xbox 360 Free
May 7th Injustice: Gods Among Us Lobo Character X360/WiiU/PS3 TBC
May 9th Metal Gear Rising Blade Wolf PC/PS3/X360 800 MSP
May 16th Black Ops 2 Uprising PC/PS3 £12.99
May 16th Assassin’s Creed 3 The Redemption Wii U £7.99
May 17th Metro: Last Light Ranger Mode DLC PC/PS3/X360 Pre-Order Incentive
May 24th Resident Evil: Revelations Season Pass PC TBC
May 27th GRID 2 Headstart DLC PS3/X360/PC Pre-Order Incentive
May DC Universe Online Origin Crisis PC/PS3 Free
May Guild Wars 2 Flame & The Frost PC Free
May God of War: Ascension Elite Content Update PS3 Free
May Strike Suit Zero Heroes of the Fleet PC TBC
May Borderlands 2 DLC 4 PC/PS3/X360 800 MSP
May Borderlands 2 Krieg PC/PS3/X360 800 MSP


Have we missed something? Do you know of any upcoming DLC that we haven’t mentioned? Are you releasing DLC or content patches that you want us to cover?

Email and we’ll add to the list.

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