Nioh 2 Season Pass is confirmed to have three DLC Packs

The sequel to samurai slasher Nioh is coming on March 13 and will be supported extensively beyond that.

In a new update on the PlayStation Blog, Tom Lee, Creative Director at Team Ninja has confirmed Nioh 2 will have a Season Pass.

The Pass will contain three DLCs and each one will be story-based with events pre-dating Nioh 2.

Each DLC will also contain new weapons, abilities and characters, with the DLCs ‘incorporating both multiple main and sub-missions’

No names and dates have been revealed yet, but we do know that the Season Pass will be bundled with the Nioh 2 Digital Deluxe Edition.

This provides premium in-game items like the Demon Horde armor set and Kodama Netsuke Charm.

More news on the Nioh 2 DLC as we get it. For now, whet your appetite with the game’s brand new trailer.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

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