2DS: One Less Dimension, Just As Much Fun

When Nintendo announced the new addition to their already successful gaming family, I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised. With all the hype of next generation coming in a few months, its easy to forget the 3DS and what amazing games it has, not to mention what’s still to come..

Retailing at £109.99 at GAME, the new console is aimed at under 7’s who are now able to play all the games on 3DS safely without fear of damaging their long term sight. As well as this, people who found the 3DS or 3DS XL a bit too pricey may find this to be an attractive alternative. Cleverly, it also releases the same day as Pokemon X and Y, which will definitely boost sales.


Currently, the 3DS is outselling the Vita and dominating the hand-held market. With the launch of the 2DS, however, Nintendo are looking to go from strength to strength. The 2DS has all the features of a normal 3DS, including DS backwards compatibility. The only differences are that it doesn’t fold and it can’t convert games into 3D.

This may appeal towards core gamers who feel that the 3D effect is just a gimmick and simply want to play the franchises that have made Nintendo who they are today.

Gamers who enjoy the eShop and all the software the 3DS offers, such as StreetPass and Face Raiders, wont be disappointed as it’s all still here for the 2DS.

One of the main drawbacks with Nintendo’s new piece of hardware is its size. The fact it doesn’t fold means you can’t fit it in your pocket and take it out with you. Meaning the point of Streetpass is effectively lost. That said, if this is designed for seven year olds, it’s probably not best for them to be wander  the streets with the console anyway, right?

The 2DS does have a better battery life than the normal 3DS – but only slightly (30 extra minutes). I feel this is a missed opportunity by Nintendo. Considering it doesn’t use the 3D effect like its sibling, this opens the door for much improved battery life. Adding an extra few hours would have been a great selling point for the console.

However with the incredible software line-up the 3DS has seen in its last year, and games such as Super Smash Bros, Sonic Lost World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds still to come, the future looks bright for the newest entry in Nintendo’s handheld family.

I’m sold and will certainly be buying one on October 12th to play Pokemon X & Y!

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