Total War: ROME II – Patch 1 Live Now, Patch 2 Next week, New Mods every day‏

Has your initial Total War: Rome II been blighted by ‘buggy’ AI, arduous turn times taken by the PC and a multitude of other problems? I know my first experience of the game definitely was and I can’t deny I was more than disappointed about one of my most anticipated releases of the year. That’s saying a lot considering we have an extremely busy release schedule coming up toward the end of the year (no doubt GTA V being the highlight for many, this September.  Many reviews (including our own) of the game actually warned audiences against playing the game until the first wave of patches had been released.


That first wave of fixes is now live and available for download, thank god. Maybe we can all expect to enjoy the initial Total War Experience we wanted.  The first patch was released Friday 6th of September, with more patches to follow next week and ‘mods’ being released for the game every day.

In a press release released by Creative Assembly, they detailed how they were working ‘flat out’ to fix all problems being experienced by 2% of players. Full details of the patch notes can be found at along with fixes for those who may be experiencing continuing ‘graphical issues’ .

Be sure to check back to ExpansiveDLC where we’ll be releasing a Patch Review to offer you our opinion as to where these patches can save the unfortunately plagued game.