Watch Dogs: Legion gets content roadmap, first DLC is called Bloodline and links to Assassin’s Creed

A huge info drop about Watch Dogs: Legion’s additional content has been revealed today and there’s loads to come.

Ubisoft have set out an entire content roadmap for the game which will take us deep into 2021.

Beginning December 3rd, the game will get a free update with online co-op and PvP events.

Through this, players will get to co-op with up to four players in an sandbox mode, and there will be co-op missions for at least two players.

Watch Dogs: Legion will also get some unique in-game events, a PvP Spiderbot Arena and Tactical Ops mode.

You’ll be able to cross your progress between generations as well, on both PS4/PS5 and across the Xbox Family of consoles.

Moving into 2021, the first DLC for the game was named as Bloodline and as already revealed, it will focus on Aiden Pierce, the protagonist of Watch Dogs 1.

We’ve also now learned that Wrench for Watch Dogs 2 will be playable in this DLC and that a character called Darcy will be included in Bloodline, inspired by Assassin’s Creed.

For now, Ubisoft are keeping it a mystery how closely connected the games are, but this is the first time it’s been acknowledged both franchises might be connected. It has been long rumoured.

Also in 2021 will be an Invasion mode, more PvP modes, additional character types and single-player missions, as well as the second DLC in the Legion Season Pass.

Watch Dogs Legion releases October 29th.

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