July 16, 2013


Mad Max Has A Trailer

After a 28 year hiatus, Mad Max is back. There’s a movie coming out next year but more exciting for gamers is that there’s a game coming out via those nice folks at Avalanche Studios. They have a decent pedigree with the Just Cause games, so they should do a…


F1 2013 Goes Classical

Codemasters have announced that, come the Autumn, petrol-heads will be able to get their hands on F1 2013 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. Not only will there be the standard F1 2013 edition (boring) but also the potentially amazeballs  F1 2013: CLASSIC EDITION! But get in there quick! The…


Interview: Marco Rosenberg (The Raven)

Who-dunnits are bloody good fun, aren’t they? Finding clues at crime-scenes, speaking to people who may or may not be concealing information, learning more about the back-story and trying to get into the psychological framework of a master-thief. King Art are hoping to accomplish that ‘thrill-of-the-chase’ with their latest three-part adventure, The…

Content Update

F2P: A Fighting Model for the Future?

During E3, Microsoft lifted the lid on a project many gamers have dreamt about for years. After a wealth of speculation, they revealed that Killer Instinct will not only be making a return, it’ll be available at launch for Xbox One. On paper, a launch title like that doesn’t get much bigger….

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