July 3, 2013


Gnomoria gets new update

Gnomoria, a sandbox village management sim is an in-development title on Steam and has just received another significant update. The title currently goes for £5.99 on Steam but is receiving regular, sometimes daily, updates. As the developers indicate… “Gnomoria is currently under development, but releases regular updates. We are actively…


Xbox One Reputation System explained

OXM got the scoop on the new Xbox One Reputation System and it definitely has more implications for the user than anything the Xbox 360 put in place. Rather than the standard 5-star rating system, player behaviour will be tracked. Microsoft’s aim is that you won’t ever need to mute…

Expansive Opportunities

Super Mario 3D World Preview: A Whole New World?

When last month’s Nintendo Direct finally unveiled a new Wii U Mario title, this almost certainly wasn’t the 3D Mario game that most Nintendo fans were hoping for. After the grandiose scope and masterclass in level design showcased in Super Mario Galaxy, a multiplayer sequel to last years ‘back to…

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