August 2014


Destiny launch trailer goes online

That trailer came from the moon! Well, from Activision by way of Youtube at least… With Destiny arriving on the 9th September, the official gameplay launch trailer has arrived, check it out below: Chances are you’ve already had a try of Destiny anyway if you took advantage of the impressive…

As We Play

Gravity Badgers – As We Play

Format ā€“ PS Vita Badgers are bloody brilliant. They look awesome, they are kick-ass in a pinch and they also make excellent astronauts; at least, according to Wales Interactive’sĀ  physics-based puzzler, Gravity Badgers. That’s right, Gravity Badgers sees you “step into the space suit of a valiant space badger as…


GTA Online Gets Flight School Update

It’s exciting times for Grand Theft Auto Online players with the release of the San Andreas Flight School Update. According to the official press blurb, the latest update features new air and land vehicles and aerial solo challenges, as well as a host of gameplay changes. These include increased payouts…

As We Play

MotoGP14 PS4 – As We Play

Format ā€“ PS4 Fast motorbikes and fast cars are exciting things indeed and none more so than those piloted by experts around well-established tracks. Whether they are paid professionals or unpaid amateurs, their skill, cunning and bravery are all easy things to spot and appreciate from the comfort of the…

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