Metro: Last Light Developer Pack

Metro: Last Light will be receiving It’s third DLC pack next week on September the 17th and while this one definitely isn’t (or is?) for those fans of our 8 legged friends. Titles the ‘Developer Pack’ it features a full AI battle arena and a fully stocked shooting range, no doubt to blow of some of that steam from raising havoc in the metropolitan wasteland. Getting all nostalgic as well there’s also a museum containing models of all the games creatures and characters so you can look back on all your favourite times that you look back on all the fun times you had struggling to survive out in the wastes.

Most notably of all however is the inclusion of a single player mission called “The Spiders Nest” where equipped with little more than a lighter and a compass, you must try and escape the ‘Forsaken Missile Silo’ which as luck would have it has become infected with arachnids…It’s enough to make your skin crawl! Check out the full description from the press release here. Fortunately your arsenal to tackle said creep crawlies does eventually extend to a Flamethrower!


The Developer Pack will release next week on PC, Xbox, and PS3 for $3.99 or free for those of you savvy enough to purchase the season pass. It sounds like the perfect excuse to return to the metro one more time. Especially if you’ve been looking for an excuse to tackle your arachnophobia. Be sure to check back to ExpansiveDLC where we’ll have a full overview on the DLC after It’s release next week.

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