April 2014


New Project Morpheus title announced

Infinity Runner, the next game from Wales Interactive, will be releasing on PC, Mac and Linux, on June 2nd. What’s more, the team have announced a plethora of new platforms, including PS3, Wii U, PS4 and Playstation Vita (How this will work on the small screen is anyone’s guess?) all…

As We Play

Titanfall – As We Play

Format – Xbox One Halo and Call of Duty have been around forever, with a new version of the game being released every year or two.  They’re graphically amped-up with new maps and shiny guns, but it just doesn’t cut it for me. Titanfall looks to break boundaries by providing…


Monument Valley – As We Play

Version Tested: 1.00 Platform: iPhone 5S We have a tendency to compare games if we find common traits and themes. It’s easily done and every critic is guilty of it. In truth, it is nigh-on impossible not to find some similarities between games as almost everything has to follow some…

As We Play

Daylight – As We Play

Version Tested – Beta Format – PC Daylight is a psychological thriller, or deeply disturbing survival horror game from indie developer Zombie Studios. It takes place in an abandoned hospital for the criminally insane – they’re a typical hot spot for the supernatural, aren’t they?! You wake up with naught but your trusty mobile…


Destiny Calling… Bungie Lifts The Veil

Destiny is calling. Are you ready? You’d better be, because Bungie’s floodgates are starting to open and a trickle is about to become a stream of information heading your way from this week onwards, no doubt culminating in a veritable tsunami of goodies for you at E3 and beyond. Anyway,…

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