April 2014


Next-Gen Mass Effect Trilogy Listing Spotted

The Mass Effect news train keeps on-a-rollin’, with news breaking today via NeoGAF that South American retailer Zmart.cl is currently listing PS4 and Xbox One versions of the original trilogy as pre-orders. There is no release date or price information to be found (surprise surprise), but the online store has…


The Gadget Show Coverage – Part Two

It’s time for another installment of Smiley Dave at The Gadget Show. Our trusty reporter has already seen some crazy sights, but nothing could have prepared him for this. Warmth pads for cold-hearted ex-girlfriends? Check. Indestructible tablet and phone cases? Check. Speakers to direct tablet audio straight at your ears?…


Bundle Overview – Six New Bundles

Game bundles seem to be a bit like buses. You wait a while for one of them to appear, then suddenly loads of them all turn up at once. The case here? Within just two days, five bundles have all popped up in quick succession with packs from Humble Bundle, Groupees, Indie…


Mass Effect Rumours Surface For 2015 Release

It’s a foregone conclusion that expectations for the next installment in Bioware’s Mass Effect franchise are high to say the least, after the incredible success of the epic trilogy that preceeded it. With the team playing its cards very closely to its chest this time around, they have fans chomping…


Mad Max Delayed Till 2015

After almost a year of radio silence following its E3 announcement, the official release window for Mad Max has been confirmed in a newly unveiled teaser trailer.   From the trailer, we can see that vehicular combat will play a major role in this post-apocalyptic open world playground based on…

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