May 9, 2014

Content Update

Expansive News of the Week #1

Missed out on some of the hard- hitting headlines of the week? Never fear, in this first episode of Expansive News of the Week, we give you a brief summary of the week’s biggest gaming news. With news on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the controversy surrounding Nintendo’s views on…


We want you to write for Expansive

We’re all gamers. We’ve all seen incredible sights and heard amazing things. We’ve been sucked in by stories and left an emotional wreck when plots take unexpected twists and turns. We all know when a game feels right or plays well. We know what works about a game and what…

As We Play

Bound By Flame – As We Play

Format – PlayStation 4 Bound By Flame is an Action RPG game developed by a small studio called Spiders. It has its ups and downs but nonetheless is worthy of your precious gaming time. The game is about the struggle between humanity or giving into the demon in order to…

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