May 6, 2014

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Surgeon Simulator DLC coming to iPad

Bossa Studios’ indie smash-hit, butcher-em-up Surgeon Simulator 2013 is getting its first major update for the iPad, including localization for 13 new languages. That’s right, our friends who speak one, more or fewer of the following, can now demonstrate their medical prowess in their own smashing language. French, German, Italian,…


WildStar open beta begins this week

WildStar the fantasy/sci-fi MMO being developed by Carbine studios, will enter open beta later this week. Starting from May 8th and continuing through till May the 18th. This is fantastic news for all you gamers eager to get your hands on this fantastic looking MMO. We certainly can’t wait –…

App Store

Kickers Corner – The Adventures of Pip

Tic Toc Games, made up of Cal Arts alumni as well as former Disney, Nickelodeon, and WayForward employees, have rallied their talents to create The Adventures of Pip, aiming to leave players feeling rather impressed and clamouring for more. The team have credits that include such venerable titles as Pug Run, Panda Pop,…

As We Play

Titan Attacks! – As We Play

Format – PlayStation 4/PlayStation Vita At one time or another, all of us must have seen, heard of, or even played Space Invaders. It’s about the most popular video game ever designed and numerous iterations have been designed and delivered over the years. Titan Attacks! is Curve Studios’ own interpretation…

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