May 21, 2014


New Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Released

Rocksteady Studios took a break from Batman last year after revitalizing the Caped Crusader with the rather fabulous Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games. Warner Bros Games Montréal did a fine job of holding down the fort with Arkham Orgins, but I don’t think I’m the only one excited about the…

As We Play

Titanfall Expedition – As We Play

Platform: Xbox One Version: 1.5 I don’t think this is too bold a statement to make of Titanfall: it has utterly reinvigorated my enthusiasm for online FPS multiplayer. I have rarely wanted to keep playing deathmatch – or in this case, Attrition – time and time again, but Respawn’s debut…


Nosgoth Beta Key Giveaway

GOOD NEWS – We have 25 Nosgoth Beta Keys to give away. Starting today on Facebook and Twitter , you can find us giving away codes for the game. Why not get involved? Meanwhile, for a bit of game background, why not take a read of this? Let’s face it, Zombies are so…

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