Expansive News of the Week 31/05/14

As always, this week has been filled with massive gaming headlines and the Expansive News of the Week is the best place to catch up on all that gaming goodness that you may have missed! In this weeks episode, I’ll be filling you in with all the latest details about…


Battlefield 4 ‘Death Shield’ Bug Discovered

That’s right folks, Battlefield 4 is suffering from yet another game breaking bug. Prolific Battlefield 4 Youtuber ‘Jack Frags’ who recently brought us the Megalodon discovery. Has discovered yet another bug to add the seemingly unending tide of issues plaguing EA’s headline multiplayer shooter. Although it may have initially been…


EA Gamescom Showcase Live Text

We’re sat and psyched for EA Gamescom 2013. Will we learn more about Peggle 2 (Just confirmed as an Xbox One launch title)? Will we get a sneaky glimpse at the Battlefield 4 campaign? And how about that Mirror’s Edge 2 game, huh? All to be revealed imminently and we’ll…

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